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Meet the Owner

Jamie Tedesco, founder, has a strong background in the wood business with several family members owning logging companies in the Pacific Northwest. He learned about natural resource management as a youth being mentored by family members in the industry and upon moving to New Mexico in 2001 he fell in love with the outdoors in the southwest. After completing a Business administration degree from Vanguard University, Jamie rounded out his knowledge with coursework in management, business practices, fiscal controls, entrepreneurship, marketing and the overall administration required to have a positive impact in the field and in the office.

Jamie has a strong network of partners he has built up over the last several decades that allows him to facilitate contract or grant based projects of all kinds. Jamie owned and operated a green Recycling company in Northern New Mexico that he doubled in size and was eventually sold. This venture helped him see the importance of "Full Circle Implementation" when dealing with Natural Resources management. Tedesco likes to harness innovation and new ideas for maximum efficiency in all his endeavors. This is evidenced in another current company he owns and actively manages known as ZAP Marketing Partners, a full service advertising agency, marketing and public relations firm. This broad based knowledge and contact base enables Wood Sharks, LLC to deliver at all levels of a project and ensures goal completion.

Wood Sharks, LLC and ZAP Marketing Partners work closely together to form a strong and effective partnership with diverse capabilities. Tedesco is looking at new ways to use recycled materials and wood fuels harvested from contract or grant jobs that include home furnishing and fixture applications. Tedesco has also participated as an Interim regional Director for the NM Green Chamber of Commerce and has served as a panelist and contributor for local Senator Martin Heinrich in regards to sustainable and renewable energies. Tedesco spearheaded the local effort in Taos County to engage the community regarding the creation of the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument and is also an active member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Our Team and Advisors

Jack Carpenter


Jack has been a forester supervisor and officer in the Carson National Forest since 1976. As a certified Silviculturist, his duties included collection of data, writing and implementing treatment prescriptions and the preparation and administration of reforestation and thinning contracts

Jon Tedesco

Business Manager

Jon has owned marketing, design and manufacturing firms and formed a joint venture model that lead to partnerships with over 100 start-up companies. He is the creative director for ZAP Marketing Partners and has written succsesful grants for non-profits.


Some recent projects and clients


1. New Mexico State Land Office - Cerro Montosso Forrest thinning project and fuel wood removal in BLM lands. Pinon and Juniper.

2. Laguna Peaks Elk Ranch - Fuel wood removal and assisting with Elk farm management and habitat corridors on Private land. Pinon and Juniper.

3. Cimarroncita Guest Ranch (has now been acquired by Philmont and Boy Scouts of America) - Wood Thinning and Fuel Removal to encourage wildlife meadow grazing, corridor management and river enhancements for local trout population. Helped open up roads. Multiple species engaged including Juniper, Fir, Pine, Pinon and oak.

4. CFRP in Las Trampas and Ccpperhill - 211 acres of thinning implementation to reduce fire severity, enhance forest health and create habitat corridors.

5. CFRP in Embudo and Dixson - Targeted spot thinning implementation on over 150 acres of landscape that specializes in restorative soil and water treatments. Fabricating custom tailored structures including rock dams, wicker weirs, log racks and Zuni bowls with plug and spread features. Wood Sharks has partnered with Ecotone to implement features that slow, sink and spread water on a landscape wide basis. This project is also critical for flooding safety for local residents and aids in reducing harmful sedimentation in the crucial Rio Grande.

6. Kiowa-San Cristobal - Thinning implementation on over 75 acres on three separate parcels. This is a good neighbor partnership with FAWRA, the Usfs and Taos County administered in partnership with J. R. Logan.

7. Ojo Sarco - Thinning and piling on over 27 acres for fire fuels reduction and wildlife corridor habitat enhancement. This includes specific old growth ponderosa pine preservation and creating 35 foot drip line clearings for future growth and vitality.

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